Hello November

Hello loves! It has been a while since I’ve posted sadly …sometimes life takes over but I am sure everyone understands that. I’ve added quite a bit of new pieces to my closet for fall/winter so excited about that. While searching Instagram over the weekend I came across a “November Style Challenge” which I found very interesting. So I decided why not live a little and participate in the challenge held by “queenofmycloset”(ig). So far there has been two challenges as it started yesterday Monday nov 3rd. The challenge will be Monday-Friday for the full month of November, we are to post our pictures via Instagram using hashtag #novemberstylealert. As per the post there will be a winner selected for a $25 target gift card (I looooove target) but honestly I think I am most excited about challenging myself to wear things thru out my closet and showing my true style while at work. Wish me luck dolls!!!

11/3 – fancy (classy look)
11/4 – shake it off (I don’t need to iron)

For my classy look I went with a black and cream button up and black work crops with my new forever 21 booties, I felt extremely comfortable in this outfit perfect for my more casual office

For my shake it off look I went with black old navy skinnies and am old navy plaid and my black fur laced puffer vest and combat boots, this look was quite ideal due to the full day worth of rain and dropping temps.

Until next post loves

Xoxo B




OOTD: Laced in Camo

Hi loves!!! Saturday turned out to be such a gorgeous day everyone regained power after the craziest thunderstorm (felt more like a tornadoe). I spent the day with my little family out running errands and shopping for the princess 🙂

We are now transitioning into fall here and there we have a few 85 days if we are lucky but still over 90 degree weather for the most part. Saturday happened to fall on in the lower 80’s so we took advantage of that. I paired my distressed old navy skinnies with a beautiful lace tank and layered with my camo jacket and camel wedges. I also managed to get a picture of my little mini me rocking her Ralph Lauren hooded sleeveless fleece and ivory RL leggings with her adorable sperrys (purchased by her loving aunt).

I hope everyone is safe and out of harms way, enjoy your days as we enter into fall.











September fits (OOTD)

Hi loves!!! It has been crazy this last week!!! We encountered one crazy storm last week that left our city without power. I don’t know if I was just being dramatic but going without lights over night and seeing the trees destroyed and the city all out of whack but it all made me think of how zombie ,voices come about lol. Ok so back to our regularly scheduled program! Ironic enough on the day that it stormed ( basically a tornadoe) I was expecting a few sprinkles of rain so I decided to wear my new rain boots I picked up on our last trip to Virginia. I am in absolute love with those boots, the design, the comfort, the durability …what’s not to love??? Ok so with my boots I kept it simple black skinnies (old navy), a black and white striped tank (old navy) and a grey cardigan (forever 21).

I’ve also included pics for a few other quick work outfits.

Striped cardigan and tank (forever21), jeans (Gap)

Blue and green striped tank, blue skinnies (Macys), blue jean crop jacket (pretty old)

Camel short-sleeve cardi (target), Levi’s (Levi’s store), Michael Kors belt (Macys)
I hope you enjoyed this post loves !!!










OOTD: Coffee

Hi loves …happy national coffee day!!! I am a lover of many things and coffee happens to be one of them, so imagine my surprise when I found out that today was dedicated to coffee! I thank my beautiful nana for allowing me to have coffee at a young age, I truly belief that is why I have such a love for it this very day. Did it stunt my growth hmm I guess we will never know, and I can live with that lol. I hope you all enjoyed this day!

Outfit post today consist of Levi’s purchased from the Levi’s store, a plain white racer back tank from old navy my Michael Kors belt from Macy’s and a caramel colored cardigan and ballet flats from target. So simple and comfortable yet work appropriate and a total match to my coffee mug of choice today 🙂 yes I have a collection of coffee mugs!

My darling princess obviously telling me to just make the coffee already lol

Enjoy a cup of your fave fresh brew! ….. But first coffee!








OOTD: Blue jeans & Birthdays

Hi loves!!! My handsome nephew turned “5” on Saturday …happy birthday little guy we hope you enjoy your special present 🙂

Quick photo opp before we head over to the party, we decided to dress pretty casual it is a child birthday party after all . The princess wore a very fun very cute stripe jean jumper from old navy with holographic tom look alike shoes from Target. Did I ever mention my love for Target??? People that know me know that I have several obsessions lol and I am serious about each an every one of them lol. Back to the outfit lol I went with bleached blue jean shorts a basic white v-neck from F21 with a bold plaid shirt around the waist for a pop of color, I figured I would keep it fun with my neutral wedge sneakers from Agaci. The outfit was truly comfortable and a great choice for chasing kiddos and snapping their pics. Yet another obsession …I can’t be stopped lol. I enjoy taking pictures of family, friends and moments it is our little piece of time that we were able to capture. To me that is something truly special!

After the party we stopped at one of our fave lunch spots Chick fil A and had a quick bite before our trip by the local mall and Old Navy. Is it just me I can’t pass an Old Navy without checking my email for an awesome coupon they have the best deals! Although this last trip there became a bit frustrating with signing, note to Old Navy fashionista/bargainistas need clear signage !!! That is all!!

Until next post which will be in a few








OOTD: Coral days Fall Nights

Hi loves, on this crazy Monday I wore coral skinnies from Wet Seal, a white v-neck from F21 with my Charlotte Russe scarf and Vince Camuto neutral sandals. Today has been pretty hectic so I will keep this post simple, currently relaxing with my new candle. Bath and Body Works has the BEST candles in the world, well I haven’t been all over the world but they have to at least be in the top 5 lol. My new pick up is the caramel pumpkin swirl scent, I love sweet scents like I just baked a fresh pumpkin pie. Today marks the first day of fall and I am beyond excited by far my fave time of year. What’s your fave?

I love scarves they are a weakness, this time of year they can be used to assist with transitioning from summer to fall. They add a spark to a very simple t-shirt look. My other fall addiction would be boots but it is still over 85 degrees so we will hold off for now lol. Ok so be prepared to be overwhelmed with me and all of my fall madness !!!

Enjoy your night loves, until next post







OOTD: Survival of the fittest (Friday)

On Friday I decided to wear my camouflage vest to work, I figured heck I survived a very tough week!!! I am also very partial to that vest, I bought it the last time I went home. It’s something about going back to your home town, eating at your old places, shopping at your fave stores there, meeting up with your awesome home town friends. When I wear this vest all of those happy moments come to mind, those happy thoughts make a stressful day a little bit better. That’s another fun thing about style, you create memories you won’t forget I guarantee I can tell you exactly what I was wearing on great moments within my life lol. Can you??? Am I the only one who gets excited to visit my home town …where is home to you?

I hope to hear from you guys, I have new followers to my blog and I am completely shocked for one and two I am ever so grateful.

Back to the outfit lol I wore black skinnies from old navy, a random black tshirt with ruffled sleeves with my camo vest and awesome black combat boots. A very simple outfit, let’s face it with the week I had I’m lucky I didn’t show up in yoga pants lol.

Also I have my little princess in the background, did you spot her???